children's intimate thoughts

Why Children Don’t Share Intimate Thoughts With Their Parents.

Trust is a delicate thing, it places a man in a state of vulnerability, hence the reason why many prefer to live their lives in secrecy and in the dark. Little children, as they grow begins to feel vulnerable as a function of societal influences and pressures and majority of young people seek solace in living a life of secrecy. Some may choose to open up to their peers and a very few to their parents. Why is this so? Could there be something the parents are not doing rightly? Ever wonder why your children find it difficult to share their intimate thoughts with their parents?

In this blog post, you are going to understand:

  • Why your children prefer sharing their intimate thoughts with outsiders than their parents.
  • How to make your children share intimate thoughts with you as a parent.

A. Why Children Prefer Sharing Their Intimate Thoughts With Outsiders Than Their Parents.

  • They don’t trust you enough to be vulnerable with you, they prefer to be such with a stranger.
  • Many parents finds it difficult to build a track record of honesty and integrity. They don’t keep their words, hence your child cannot bring himself to talk to you about his delicate situations.
  • The fear that they might find harm from you rather than safety when they share their intimate thoughts with you.

B. How to make your children share intimate thoughts with you.

Do you know that as a parent, there are times when you need to come down from your high horse and clean the feet of your child. For in so doing, you’ve humbled yourself to their level just to be able to be intimate with them. The Great One did likewise. You can also learn parenting communication skills.