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Children lazy with reading their books.  



What can I do to make my children studious?

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How to make children read more and be focused.
1. You may advise them on the importance of education
2. Ask them to carry out a statistics on the caliber of fellow students who they have in class. How many of them are their parents struggling with school and other fees?
3. Show them the profiles and pictures of people who are actually successful through hardworking and are living a fulfilled life
4. And the 'one tested and proven method' : Take them out for sight seeing.
A woman once had a son who had been unserious on his studies. It was not that she was well-to-do but she's not lazy. One day, she took her son out to a busy market place. He saw those selling satchet water on the road, motor boys, pepper sellers, highway sweepers, etc. She later took him to a multinational company and they stood at the gates for few minutes. The mother asked her son about what he had observed and these were his reply:
A. I saw big and fine cars going in and coming out.
B. Some people were walking around on the company's premises with waste baskets and kept saluting the cars going in.
C. The security guards at the gate we're standing and kept saying 'morning sir' and 'morning ma' to every vehicle that passes
D. I noticed that I saw some men who drove the cars while another sat on the back seat, well dressed, either reading newspaper or on the phone, beaming with smiles and a sense of satisfaction.
This was his mother's reply: those on the front seats are the drivers who never took education seriously while the ones on the back seat, well dressed and looking satisfied are the directors who studied hard while in school. 'Which of the two seats would you love to take in future?', asked the woman.
From that day onwards, the boy would have get ready for school even before his mum gets out of bed. His orientation to educaiwas changed that day. Today, he beams with smile whenever he sits behind in his car while the driver drives him around. He owns one of the multinational companies in Cairo today.

In conclusion, show that child all these and be rest assured that there would be a drastic positive improvement as he/she would love to sit behind in the car and not at the wheels.

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