parenting communication

Parenting Communication Skills

How you communicate to your children determines how easy they would obey you. In this blog post, you are going to acquire parenting communication skills by understanding how to:

  • Build healthy parenting relationship with your children.
  • Watch your tongue when communicating to your children.
  • Walk your talk.
  • Communicate with our children in a healthy manner.

A. Healthy parenting relationship

  • Parenting relationship is built on communication in parenting.
  • Relationship is the cushion to help in parenting challenges.
  • Effective communication in parenting allows you to obtain information which will help you parent your child.
  • Communication in parenting takes a speaker and a listener:
  1. Speaker shares information.
  2. Listener understand the information.
  3. Unfortunately many conversations take place where there are two Speakers and no Listeners!
  4. You must be willing to be both a Listener and a Speaker, not just one or the other.

B. Watch your tongue

  • When you get off track: Do not communicate to your children when you are tired, busy and hungry.
  • What is the heart of what you want to communicate? : “I love you”, “You matter to me“, “I want you to live a correct life” Repeat these messages frequently, clearly and through actions.

C. Walk your talk

Take the lead in modeling what you are communicating to your children.

D. Healthy Parenting Communication Skills

  • Always be specific and open-ended when communicating in parenting.
  • Make sure your tone is always friendly when communicating in parenting.
  • Intentional Communication brings clarity:
  1. When a parent is intentional about what they are communicating, they will reduce the probability of a child or spouse misinterpreting what was meant by what was said.
  2. We should put meaning to the information we are communicating to our children in such a way that it brings clarity that helps reduce conflict and frustration for both the child and the parent.