listening in parenting

Importance of Listening in Parenting

In this blog post, you will get to understand one of the methodologies of training your children in the way they should go, through the art of listening in parenting.

Four importance of listening in parenting

Every child wants emphatic listening in parenting. Their hearts are filled with questions and their ears itch to hear answers.

  • Alas, words failed them in articulating the burdens of their fragile hearts.
  • Imagine the conditions of their heart when their parents pay no attention to their words and questions? Imagine when the parents are not ready to listen to the unspoken sounds in the belly of their wards?

There and then, they’ll seek answers from the wrong source, and they’ll become deformed and defected individuals with no moral virtues.

It’s about time parents learned the art of listening in parenting, for inside that child lies a depth of innovations that requires the touch of accurate parenting to find expression.

That child’s questions is to communicate the internal confusion he’s experiencing on his inside, for what he sees around contradict what he’s been taught.

Dear parents, listen and give counsel as inspired by the Lord, this is the methodology of training your children in the way they should go and you’ll realize that when the children are come of age, they’ll not depart from it.