meeting needs

How to meet your children’s needs effectively.

Parenting seasons brings awareness to your children’s needs at different seasons of life and the parent’s roles in meeting those needs.

In this blog post, you are going to understand the four seasons of parenting and the tasks that are before you to effectively meet your children’s needs at each season.

A. SEASON OF SERVICE  (Age 0 -2 years)

This season is a season of service to your children. It is the season of love and nurturing, in other to meet your children’s needs.

Parenting tasks in this season:

  • Providing for your children basic needs.
  • Establish a bond, build connection, trust, language, and security with your children.
  • Parents extend grace to each other.
  • Define parental roles and carry them out.

B. SEASON OF AUTHORITY ( Age 3 – 12 years)

This season is a season when you build systems of regulations for your children behaviour.

Parenting tasks in this season:

  • Establish the foundation of obedience through intentional and purposeful training and instructions.
  • You will give many directives and explanations with the hope of developing your children.
  • Building a framework of right and wrong for child/ren.
  • Having a healthy relationship with your child is important here.

C. SEASON OF MENTORING ( Age 13 -18 years)

This season is a season when you guide, teach and support your children.

Parenting tasks in this season:

  • Give your children opportunities to grow in responsibilities while maintaining an anchor of willingness to still receive counsel and advice.
  1. Prepare your children for Independence
  2. Allow room for mistakes
  3. Resist the urge to rescue.
  4. Lessons learned now will help
  • Maintain the willingness to receive counsel from thriving parents.


This season is a season when parents increase in the level of attachment, respect, and love to their children which leads to healthy family units.

Parenting tasks in this season:

  • View and treat the children as more of a peer.
  • Build or maintain a healthy relationship with your children.
  • Transferring wisdom and counsel to the next generation.

Seasons are a general guide of how to meet your children needs at each stage of their development. Parents need wisdom and discernment to move from one parental season to another based on the specific needs of a situation.

Application Guide

For you to be able to meet your children’s needs effectively you need to be able to do the following:

  1. Know your children.
  2. Let your children know you.
  3. Understand each seasons of your children’s lives
  4. Discern the parenting season you are, and respond to the parenting tasks accordingly.

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